Auto Dealers & Detailers

The full assortment of products for use and after-service sale.

Increased Value

It matters not if the trade-in you just accepted is going on the lot, or to the auction, cars that are free of odor have an overall better sales value.

Better Profits

Because we deliver products in concentrated form – though not requiring any wall-mount dispenser – we can help keep costs under control.

Proven Performance

Every one of our products have a proven track record with professionals just like you. We have tackled the worst odors, the thickest grime and the tightest budget and won!

Higher Satisfaction

With nearly 10 years of satisfied customers, we can assure you that you will find the same level of satisfaction from using our products – And satisfied customers mean referrals!

Restoration Services

Products that work when your on the site and afterwards.

Easy to Stock

Because all of our products begin with dry tablets or powders, and 4-layer foil-wrapped, you can keep a case on hand year-round for any jobsite.

Use in the Off Hours

You get to a jobsite and the stench is horrific. Break out a Bio-Bomb (1 for every 250 sf) and let it make the site more tolerable for the next day.

Easy to Use

Easy to read label instructions, clear markings for water volumes and ready-to-react granules make this the best available professional odor control system available.

Use in the On Hours

With our gel and granule options, you can drop a 20 gram or 50 gram pouch into the protective cabinet or dispenser jar and use it in your truck or on a jobsite.

Crime &Disaster Recovery

Products for the initial, and the on-going air cleaning control.

Dual-Action Product

Our product is built upon the miracle-molecule chlorine dioxide. This molecule has been proven to effective at breaking down proteins, a core soil-load component.

Cleans While Deodorizing

Setting off a Bio-Bomb IAQ Quick Release kit directly after a crime scene cleanup can provide for a much needed scrubbing of the air – removing the last traces of disaster.

Multi-Use Products

The fact that chlorine dioxide is so good at breaking down protein makes it the perfect product for blood-soil cleanup. Our tablets for cleaning come in 1 gram & 4 gram containers.

Products for Afterwards

Fabrics in furniture, clothes in closets and drawers my require some additional air-dwell time to satisfy the most discerning of noses. Setting off a gel or granule will reduce the chance of call-back.

Supply Chain Distributor

Bio-Bombs is Part of a Supply Chain Strategy – Synergy.

Auto Parts Supply Shops

Our core component of products provide you with a one-stop set of solutions for total and permanent removal of odors from pre-cleaned vehicles, with solutions for up to 90 days.

Hardware & Home Center

Did you notice yet how Bio-Bombs is part of a much larger product offering? At our other site,, you can also find an additional 10-15 great products to carry.

Auto Detail Supply Shops

Are you a supplier of the auto detailing industry? Then you will also want to consider carrying our Synergy SB Solutions Line. These products will provide low cost solutions for cleaning.

Janitorial Supply Distributors

Finally, if you are a distributor dedicated to supplying the best answers for cleaning, then be sure to check out our Synergy Leaning Center, Media Page and BSC to help you sell better.

Bio-Bombs: A Brief History

Bio-Bombs was conceived and begun in 2013 by an auto detailer in the Greater Philadelphia marketplace struggling to provide a permanent solution to the worst odor problems.

Synergy-Americas: A Brief History

Synergy Americas, Inc was formed in 2020 to take the power of ClO2 to new levels – well past simple deodorizing, to surface, air and water cleaning and disinfection.

Bio-Bombs & Synergy Terms of Sale & Privacy Policies

Bio-Bombs: Shipping Information

The Leadership of Bio-Bombs & Synergy understands that you need to know your full cost of doing business, and you don’t need any surprises. Therefore, wherever possible, we will cover the cost of shipping full cases.

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A Vehicle Restoration Essential

When you take on a beautiful car, that has been totally trashed over time, it is not just the sight of it that requires attention.

The SMELL may be not just worse than the sight - it can be downright toxic.

In just such an occasion, we recommend Bio-Bombing before you begin cleaning and detailing - and then again after the heavy lifting is complete.

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Nothing Scares this Guy...

Bring on your worst odors, and as long as the cleaning procedures are sound, and the room-air is circulating, GI-Slow can handle it.

Accidents Happen...

Even to Professionals

And when they do, Bio-Bombs is there for the aftermath.

Wastewater sewage back-ups, failed systems, or just recovering from the build-up of decaying waste from various industrial processes. Bio-Bombs IAQ can just as easily reference Industrial Air Quality as Indoor Air Quality.

Set it and Forget It.

Should the odors you are battling be the subtle, lingering type, requiring less recovery of fresh air and more maintenance thereof, may we suggest one of our 30-90 day options.

Workout Are Intended to Bring On Sweat...

But that doesn't mean your clients want to take in the stale air before their next workout even begins. Be proactive and be in control.

Pets are Great...But Not Always their Smell...

Your favorite aunt is coming for a visit, and she has allergies to cats. What do you do? Vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and ...

When Bad Things Happen...

And it doesn't have to be this bad.

It could just be a forgotten pot of curry on the stove, a sick dog, or recovering from the mustiness of a wet Spring. Regardless of the cause, Bio-Bombs IAQ Quick Release can turn foul air into clean air in about 2 hours. Put us to the test.

You know why this mom is loving hockey?

It certainly wasn't the smell of the gear that won her heart.

No, it was the fact that she could support her kids in what they loved, while still controlling the odors that came with it.

Not a competing fragrance or a masking agent.

Just science employed to denature odors at their source.

  • Fast-Acting
  • Products lasting from 30-90 days
  • Products suitable for inside the vehicle, back in the truck or directly into the gear bag.

We have you covered.