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Bio-Fresh Air Freshener Bar


Introducing Bio-Fresh: Air Freshener Bars, the discreet and long-lasting solution that keeps your car smelling fresh. These square-shaped blocks are like the superheroes of freshness, saturated with premium essential oils to provide up to 60 days of pure fragrance per bar. It’s time to break up with those bulky hanging trees and pesky vent clip air fresheners. Bio-Fresh Bars are here to save the day by hiding discreet under your seat, incognito freshness!

Whether you’re a detail shop, a car dealership, or a mobile detailer looking to make a lasting impression on your customers, Bio-Fresh Bars are the ultimate choice. Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary freshness! Try one today and embark on a scent-sational journey like never before.

Get ready to indulge your senses with our fantastic four fragrances:

  1. Vitamin C – Transport yourself to an orange grove on a breezy day. It’s like a citrus-infused vacation for your nose (without the sandy beaches).
  2. Fresh AF – Experience the epitome of cleanliness with this uniquely crisp scent. It’s so fresh, it might just make your car do a happy dance.
  3. Poppin’ Cherry – Prepare for a scentual overload of pure cherry bliss. It’s like a cherry party in your car, minus the cake and confetti (sorry, we couldn’t fit those in).
  4. New Car Nectar – Indulge in the leather-based scent that recreates that sought-after ‘new car smell.’ You’ll feel like you’re cruising in a brand-new ride, minus the monthly payments.
  5. Dope Soap – Allow yourself to be transported to a vibrant cedar forest, where the crisp citrus notes mingle with the earthy aroma of cedarwood, creating a truly captivating experience for your senses. Embark on a fragrant journey through a vibrant forest with a zesty twist!

Bio-Fresh: Air Freshener Bars, because life’s too short to settle for average scents. Embrace the freshness revolution and make every car ride a fragrant adventure!


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .75 in